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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

OFEX is the name given to a shock video recorded on October 22, 1996 (2 months after the formal ceasefire agreement ending the war), which shows the execution of a soldier by a Chechen militant. Like ChechClear, this video was also recorded during the First Chechen War for the purpose of scaring Russian soldiers into surrendering. The tape was found in 2000 and brought to public attention a year later, when it was posted to shock sites like Ogrish.

The name "OFEX" comes from an abbreviation of "officer’s execution", because some sources claimed that the beheaded man was an officer (which is not proven).


The video begins with the Russian soldier sitting on the grass, later one of the militants shoots him in the arm with a pistol. After taking off his jacket, he begins decapitating him and, afterwards, he holds the severed head of the soldier for the camera. Throughout the video, another Chechen militant is seen swinging what appears to be a medal.


Rumours surrounding the video claim that one of the accomplices of the executioner was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison for manslaughter with exceptional cruelty, while the fate of the executioner himself and the cameraman remains unknown.

Other sources allege that the beheaded man was a medic by the name of Yuri Vitalievich Sitrakov[note 1] (born 1963) who began military service on June 10, 1994, and went missing in Grozny on October 8, 1996 (14 days before the execution took place).


  1. Russian: Юрий Витальевич Ситраков.


NOTE: The following shock video contains extremely graphic content!

  • watchpeopledie.tv/h/gore/post/18870/ofex-and-its-story-from-production

See also

  • ChechClear: Another video depicting the beheading of a Russian soldier by a Chechen militant during the First Chechen War.
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