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The Chase is an Australian PSA made in 1997. It was produced by the charity International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), whose goal is to protect animals and the places they call home.

The ad begins with an establishing shot of a forest. We see more of the forest afterward, from the point of view of a scared fox running through it. The sound effects used imply that the fox is being chased by a dog throughout the shot. At one point, the fox narrowly avoids getting hit by a car. The fox runs into a hole, and the shot fades to black.

In the next shot, the camera spins out of control, and the picture turns red; implying the fox was pulled out of its hole and slaughtered. We then see a slideshow of the following images, each one accompanied by a gunshot sound effect:

  • The fox's mangled head.
  • The rest of the fox's body from the previous shot.
  • Several dogs ripping and tearing at the fox.
  • Another shot of the vixen's head.
  • The mutilated body of the vixen, lying in the grass.

A final message, in white text over a black screen, reads "For pity's sake, ban fox hunting now. Your MP has the power."


NOTE: The following video contains graphic content!




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