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The Chase is one the name of the PSA seen in Australia. it includes the current frustrating charity known as "IFAW/International Fund for Animal Welfare" well-known for attempting to help us to save animals and places they call their homes.

The ad starts with nature scenes. it appears might be a fox, pointing at the view and controlling the animal's camera. the ad cuts into the scene of the animal.

but meanwhile at the nearly end was suddenly followed by a hunter killing a fox with dramatic music accompanied with lots of screams, but after then happened. a pictures of injured fox and fox carcasses will appear very slow and some shots with this gunshot sound effect.

The final still shots involve the vixen's grim fate:[edit]

  • The fox's mangled head.
  • The rest of the fox's body from the previous shot.
  • Several dogs ripping and tearing at the fox.
  • Another shot of the vixen's head.
  • The mutilated body of the vixen, lying in the grass.

This final message reads: "For pity's sake, ban fox hunting now. Your MP has the power." the message shown is seen of this every advert


NOTE: The following video contains graphic images!



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