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Welcome to Screamer Wiki. This is the number one place to learn about topics relating to screamers, shock sites, creepypastas and urban legends, hoaxes, malware and malicious scripts, lost media, controversies, true crime, mysteries, social media incidents, and anything in between. Here, you will have access to the Screamer Library, the largest index entirely dedicated to screamers and shock sites. You can find the origin and story behind every screamer ever made, like the famous Scary Maze Game, the K-fee commercials, and a whole lot more. Our library contains 1,933 pages and counting!

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A full image of the "How to Play" section., also known as Fancy Island (Japanese: ふぁんしーあいらんど), is an online horror-puzzle video game website hosted on Geocities in early 2011.

The game's narrative revolves around the events of August 14th, 2009, when Yukihito, the park manager, realized his dream of completing Fancy Island, an indoor theme park. Despite its successful launch and the introduction of a mascot named Mimi, the park faced an unexplained outbreak, hospitalizing 17 individuals. Though the cause remained unclear, Yukihito initially aimed to reopen the park on September 14th. However, this reopening never happened, as reports surfaced of ghosts taking control of the establishment. A clown named Pieyama God seized the park, commanding the ghosts to scare off visitors.

The game's narrative ventures into dark themes, including paranoia, suicide, and depression, categorizing it as an "utsuge" (鬱ゲー, "depressing game"). It combines elements of horror and puzzle-solving, with nearly every page housing intricate puzzles or contributing to a broader enigma. The ending of the game is to access the "gallery".

In Japan, you'll encounter cuteness, scariness, or weirdness, and this site embodies all three.

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  • Encyclopedia Dramatica's Offended page officially gets blocked due to it containing obscene animal abuse content.
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