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Annoying Goose Videos are series of screamer videos created by Jackson101306.

Many videos have a similar layout of 9 Screamers all at once, many G-Major videos are running simultaneously, And used in other layout positions. However, but with many G-Major screamers delayed and appear at a later time. At the end, one screamer pops up with a loud scream.


NOTE: The following videos contain multiple screamers!

  • Original:
  • Updated:
  • Reupdated:
  • November Reupdated:
  • December Reupdated:
  • NBC BFDIA Klasky Csupo 2020's Version:
  • Fixed:
  • Re-fixed:
  • January Update:
  • February Update:
  • March Update:
  • March Re-fix:
  • Easter Re-fix:
  • ThePhilliesFan's New Version:
  • Mother's Day Re-fix:


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