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Meatspin is a shock site showing a looping GIF of two people having anal sex while the receiving partner's penis spins around, hence the name Meatspin. The 2003 remix of "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" by Dead or Alive plays in the background of the site. There is a spin counter on the site that tells you how many spins you've gone through. If the spin counter reaches over 45 spins, a text box appears that says "YOU ARE OFFICIALLY GAY :-)".

History and origin

The origins of Meatspin can be traced back to a Brazilian pornographic adult film called TSBitches, featuring Cristina Bianchini. The infamous Meatspin gif was later hosted on a website called Ridin Spinnaz, which played the song Ridin' Spinnaz by Three 6 Mafia in the background.[1][2] In 2005, the website was launched, using the gif from Ridin Spinnaz. Meatspin has had several noteworthy events in its history, including the 2006 eBay sale of its domain name for $2100,[3] the first reaction video uploaded to YouTube on March 1st of that year, and its naming as the "Awful Link of the Day" on Something Awful on July 30th.[4] On May 3rd, 2006, was created as an alternative to Meatspin. Derivative sites, some featuring actual spinning meat, were created between 2007 and 2009 on YTMND.

The Meatspin Network, which includes 15 distinct shock sites, was officially launched on February 19th, 2007, and has since established its own blog, Twitter account, YouTube channel, and Reddit. Although there are claims that four Irish students set a world record of 10,000,112 spins in 2009, there is no concrete evidence to support this. On March 10th, 2012, the domain lapsed, causing a parked domain advertisement to appear. The website's disappearance was reported by various pop culture blogs and forums, and the site was restored by March 13th. However, on March 10th, 2013, the domain expired once again and as of March 12th, has not been renewed.[5]

In March 2013, a student named Benjamin Blouin, who was studying computer engineering at Florida State University Panama City campus, redirected all users of the school's wireless network to the Meatspin website after hacking into it. The school's administration later suspended him and charged him with a third-degree felony for offenses against computer users. Blouin defended his actions by stating that he did it to urge school officials to improve the network's security. He further claimed that he did not specifically choose Meatspin, as it was the default website on the application he used to administer the hack. The incident led to an immediate upgrade of the school's network security.[6]

Google Hammer

Meatspin had various malicious variants, some of which contained scripts that caused the browser window to display multiple message boxes and bounce around when the user tried to close the page. The most dangerous variant was Google Hammer, which pretended to be a marketing website but displayed a fake loading screen that led to the Meatspin GIF. This variant also had a second payload that overloaded Shockwave Flash with a custom SWFObject script, causing non-Internet Explorer browsers to crash and displaying dialog boxes while changing the window title on IE on exit. Previously, the website was a Meatspin mirror called Makemoniesonline, which was similar to Google Hammer but less malicious. Some users feared that the website could download harmful applications onto their device, but this claim was debunked. According to an entry on Urban Dictionary by user Spyker44, if the user closed the site immediately after the animated image appeared, a message would appear saying "You've been Dick Rolled."[7] This tactic is no longer effective following the discontinuation of Adobe Flash.


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Mirrors and Parodies

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