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Hey guys, its me TWMO (TheWitheredMaxieOne). I am a game maker, youtuber and also an editor in Wikipedia. I live in the Łódż Voivodeship and im polish.

Created Pages


  • Scary For Kids - Scary For Kids is a website that offers a vast array of chilling content aimed at those seeking a thrill. The site is home to a variety of terrifying media, including scary stories, haunting pictures, spine-chilling videos, interactive games, and more.

Shock Sites

  • The Dangers of CBT - The Dangers of CBT is an infamous video posted in in July 14th 2011. The video is meant to teach people about the dangers of CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) an the consequences within. The video accumulated over 5 million views
  • Southwark Council - Sunday Lunch - Southwark Council - Sunday Lunch also simply known as Sunday Lunch, is a public information film released in 2006, Directed by Steve Reeves, and published on YouTube by The Hall of Advertising. The PIF is about discussing gun crime instead of keeping quiet about it. The PIF was rated 15 (though, it only appeared before 18-rated movies and contains such shocking content). The PIF has become infamous for its shock factor and graphic nature, though it can be hard for some audiences to understand what's being said in the PIF, due to the family's language, hence why the infamous part probably felt more shocking than if they knew what the family was discussing
  • sponge.mp4 - sponge.mp4 is a shock video created by an unknown user on LinkedIn in 2018. The video was later on removed, but was archived by TWMO
  • The Belly Button Video - The Belly Button Video is a Shock Video of an overweight woman's belly button being penetrated by a man's penis. The original clip was uploaded to the pornography website and features the female adult actress Tiffany Cushinberry. The viral video later surfaced on Twitter in early 2023 where users made memes about it, expressed discomfort and used it as a bait-and-switch prank predominantly in the replies to other people's tweets.
  • Consumption Junction - Consumption Junction, established in 1999, is a web-based depository for all things random and bizarre. The site includes pictures, video, audio clips, and other forms of media. The content can vary from news clips of events like the September 11, 2001 attacks, to random videos of drunken silliness and violent stupidity to hardcore pornographic shorts. The name "Consumption Junction" and its slogan "What's your Dysfunction" is based off Schoolhouse Rock's song "Conjuction Junction", but parodied
  • Gacha Bait-and-Switch Video - Gacha Bait-and-Switch Video refers to a video posted on discord, upon clicking on it, a man inserting a screw into his penis hole with Worlds Loudest Orgasm audio starts playing, leaving the viewer in shock, this video was taken from There is also text in pink caps lock text saying "ENJOY GACHATARD", mocking gacha life fans. The video also has a videoshop watermark.
  • Alaskan Black Snake - was a shock site known for featuring a fabricated news story about a fictitious species of snake supposedly discovered in the remote regions of Alaska. The website gained attention for its controversial content, as it prominently displayed a rotated image of a penis afflicted with a sexually transmitted disease, rather than an actual snake.
  • Could You? - Could You Kindly Elucidate The Discrepancies or Incongruities Depicted in This Visual Representation? or Could You? for short, is a shock video created by TheWitheredMaxieOne in June 2nd, 2023 as a satirical take on various what's wrong videos
  • The Gaping Maw - The Gaping Maw was a shock site affiliated with that gained attention for its offensive content. It was established in 2000 as an editorial and commentary archive. The majority of the articles were written by cartoonist Tristan Farnon, known by the alias "Spigot," who was also involved in projects like Jerkcity and Leisure Town. These articles often featured news satire and reflections on modern society. The inclusion of The Gaping Maw and the Rotten Library, which provided intellectual and humane perspectives, helped improve's reputation beyond being just a puerile "shock" site. However, on June 22, 2005, The Gaping Maw was forced to shut down temporarily due to new governmental regulations related to the distribution of pornography. These regulations, specified under 18 U.S.C. 2257, required age verification of models. In compliance with the law, all articles were removed from the website, and the site's title page displayed a statement expressing disappointment with the passage of these laws. The page was prominently labeled "CENSORED BY US GOVERNMENT." The Gaping Maw eventually returned online in January 2006, but with some articles remaining unpublished and others heavily edited to comply with the regulatory requirements. Despite these changes, the website continued to offer its distinct brand of content to its audience.

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