Alaskan Black Snake

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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Closed Website
This article is about a website that no longer exists. Links to its archive on the Wayback Machine or a saved copy are provided. was a shock site known for featuring a fabricated news story about a fictitious species of snake supposedly discovered in the remote regions of Alaska. The website gained attention for its controversial content, as it prominently displayed a rotated image of a penis afflicted with a sexually transmitted disease, rather than an actual snake.

The site, which was active at least until June 20, 2007, has since been taken down and is no longer accessible. Despite its removal, an archived version of the website can still be found. Unfortunately, due to poor archiving, the original pictures featured on the site were not preserved in the archive.


NOTE: The following video contains graphic content!

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