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Featured Article is a page that was chosen to be highlighted on the wiki's home page for decorations and more. Every time a user opens the wiki's home page, an article will be selected for display because of the quality. Screamer Wiki had the original purpose to add a Featured Article on their home page to direct new or infrequent users to the Article that has improved

What Time the Article Will Get Featured?

Every month, the administrators will get to choose and review the accuracy, neutrality, completeness, and magnificence that has been put inside the Article, when the article will get featured, it's going to present a limited trophy — title= a nice trophy — on the top of the Article signifies that the article is featured. It's going to get removed as the brand new article will get featured.

What Qualifies an Article as a Feature?

Here is a list of the Articles that ought to comply with the rules in this place as intently as possible. go on Manual of Style for Help

1) The Article should have loads of Improvements

  • The pages need to be free from sentences written in pointless bold, italics, or caps;
    • The first sentence should start off with the name of the screamer in bold
    • Correct page layouts on Manual of Style
    • No grammar errors
    • An infobox
    • Gallery section
    • Correct categories
    • More Than over 900+ bytes
    • A clear, high-definition image

If wanted on the page

  • A trivia section if possible
    • Showcase video
    • History

Read This

Before you do all of this, there are some articles that were improved by the Autoconfirmed-users and Administrators, that might be nominated on the main page, Thank you For Reading


Here's a list of all the articles that have been featured on the Main Page, Congrats to all of them