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Crazy Pierrot (クレイジーピエロ, Kureijii Piero) is a Japanese Flash screamer game designed and scripted by Yoshiaki Ogiwara in 2005. Rumor has it, the game is considered cursed.

The player's goal in the game is to control a clown and catch the apples falling from the sky, while dodging the skulls - catching one of them is an instant game over. However, the game's description says that the game is actually cursed and that the player should not get a 4000+ score. Every time the player gets a thousand points, a change occurs in the game. They are listed below:

  • 1000 points: The clown changes his face. It turns into a realistic and creepy clown face.
  • 2000 points: Behind the trees, it's possible to see a face laughing.
  • 3000 points: A baby can be heard laughing.
  • 4000 points: In the two open windows, two eyes staring at the player appear. The game's background music also gets more distorted.

When the player loses the game after getting 4000+ points, the screen turns black, then tilts and falls from its original position. After that, some red text appears saying: "Someone please save me..." (だれかたすけて, dareka tasukete) on the game screen while the game's description is spamming "savemesavemesavemesavemesavemesavemesaveme" (たすけてたすけてたすけてたすけてたすけてたすけてたすけて, tasuketetasuketetasuketetasuketetasuketetasuketetasukete) in Japanese. After clicking on the text, more sentences appear saying "It's painful..." (苦しいよ, Kurushii yo"), "Come here" (こっちにきて, kocchi ni kite), "Come more closer" (もっと近くにきて, motto chikaku ni kite), and, last but not least, "Thank you" (ありがとう, Arigatou). The screen then turns black, and a black-and-white picture of a distorted man's face appears with a loud scream. After that, there's a dialog box coming from the screamer reading "Sorry for surprising you... by: Ogiwara". When the screamer ends, only sounds of water drops can be heard.

Game description

"Crazy Pierrot"
I made a very cute game where you can control a cute clown!
But this game, it's actually cursed...
How to Play
Let's control the clown with a mouse and collect apples that come down from the sky! If you accidentally get a skull it's game over! Now, how many points can you get? NOTE) This game is cursed so don't score too much.
Psychic phenomenon may occur as the score increases.
Especially, please don't get more than 4000 points.
Also, please don't play this game if you are not good at scary things or have a weak heart.



NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

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