Can you spot all the flags in this video?

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Can you spot all the flags in this video? is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by jcuki5 (Who also created Can You Spot The Difference?) on September 19, 2006. The video pretends to be a challenge where the viewer has to guess how many flags there are.

The video starts with an image of the world map. Red text on the map reads: "I want you to count how many flags you are able to count until the end of the video. There is one clue: There are more than 200 flags." The text fades out to be replaced by a huge "Are you ready?" and a red "Go!!!" within a green spiky speech bubble. The game begins here: the video proceeds to show a fast slideshow of flags from around the world, requiring the viewer to concentrate on the video. Despite the video claiming to have "more than 200", the number of actual unique flags is much lower (157). Many flags get repeated a lot in the slideshow, with Australia and France being among the biggest offenders.

After a while, the video pauses at the flag of the European Union, and a green rectangle appears above it with green text saying "PAUSE (add this flag also)" and an also green "GO AGAIN!" in a similar speech bubble as the first one. After this, the second array of flags begins, displaying more and more of them as expected, until the flag of Micronesia is suddenly followed by a picture of a zombie with blood on its mouth and wide-open eyes, accompanied by a long looping explosion-like zombie scream. A black background with white text stating "A Jcuki5 Production" shows up, ending the video.



NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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