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This article contains content that some may find shocking.‎
Reader discretion is advised.

#Mcchicken was a hashtag on Twitter that was created in response to a short 17-second viral video of a man masturbating with a McDonald's chicken sandwich. In the video, the man holds the sandwich with his left hand while stroking his penis with it.[1] The video was first posted onto Vine, then spread to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Several reactions to the video have been uploaded onto YouTube.[2]

Many celebrities, including Seth Rogen, who stars in the absolutely ground-breaking adult-animated blockbuster Sausage Party, as well as the show Santa inc, has responded to the video. On Twitter, Seth Rogen said, "I really hope that Sausage Party in no way inspired this #McChicken thing."[3]

The viral spread of the video caused it and the hashtag to become a meme.




NOTE: The following video contains pornography!





one month ago
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Has anyone out there ever tasted this sandwich with dumbo salami and white sauce that spurts onto the salami? Hehehe


one month ago
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But seriously, it doesn't seem like a shocker (although for me it was because I'M STRAIGHT AND DON'T WANT TO SEE MALE GENUTS, he-heh), what I mean is it's more of a porn video. who likes this type of video, in addition to liking it, how will it even... let's say "have fun with your hand", he-he
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