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GIFs, which is short for Graphics Interchange Format, is a widely popular image format in the digital age because of their ability to display short animations or loops. However, some creators use deceptive techniques to surprise viewers with a sudden screamer by designing GIFs to appear as still images. These GIFs exploit the viewer's expectation that a GIF will loop indefinitely. They are crafted to seem like a harmless, static image that can be viewed for an extended period of time. After a few moments, the image suddenly transforms into a shocking or frightening scene with an accompanying loud and jarring sound. The technique used to create these deceptive GIFs involves creating an animation sequence consisting of still frames with subtle variations. The final frame of the sequence is a screamer image that is displayed briefly before the GIF loops back to the beginning, starting the cycle anew. These GIFs are a less common but effective type of screamer.

Examples include Blue.gif hosted on TeKZoned, which asks the player to find an error in a messy room image before a Kuntilanak suddenly appears. happy-halloween.gif, created by Kris Wilson of Cyanide & Happiness webcomic, features a realistic face with flashing lights after two characters discuss an "impossible to photograph" serial killer. Useful Reminder is another example that warns against unknown media before switching to a frightening woman after 6 seconds. All of these GIF screamers use innocent-looking or unusual visuals or themes to trick viewers before the screamer portion is inserted using jump scares, sudden loud noises, or flashing lights. Magic Eye is also an example of a GIF, better known as a shock GIF because it contains the Goatse image.

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