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Closed Website
This article is about a website that no longer exists. Links to its archive on the Wayback Machine or a saved copy are provided.

This article needs cleanup.
The article should follow the Manual of Style (MOS) guidelines. Please review and fix any issues accordingly. was a screamer webpage created by unknown user, however, the site has been circulating around in Russia on 2015, when the site is opened, the main page of the site displays 12 screamers that the user has to pick on, similar to, however, after a long closure, the site is now defunct for its time being.

Screamers Featured

  • "Пучеглазик" (Chuvikha) - Still from the movie "Return of the Living Dead".
  • "Manson" - Jeff The Killer.
  • "Чувиха (Girl)" - Regan MacNeil.
  • "Пришелец" (Alien) - a gray face without eyes
  • "Майнкрафт" (Minecraft) - Workbench.
  • "Чувиха" -
  • "Слендер" (Slender) - Slender.
  • "Привидение" (Ghost) - The Night Guest
  • "Крик" (Scream) - Scream mask from the classic 1996 movie franchise called: "Scream".
  • "Анюта" (Anyuta) -
  • "Челюсть" (Jaw) - a face of a girl with torn on its mouth.
  • "Бобби" (Bobby) - a picture of Cockmongler,

The site was made by a man named "Larionov TV". Since all the screamers are animated, and for the screamer to appear, you need to enable Adobe Flash, it is also written on top: "Хочешь также напугать друзей?!" (Translates to: "Do you want to scare your friends too?!").


NOTE: the following video contains multiple links to screamers!




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