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This is the Screamer Wiki Manual of Style. All pages are expected to meet this MOS. This guide consists of how to write and edit articles on the Screamer Wiki in order to keep them uniform-looking. Anybody can add to this. An article that does not comply with the layout will have the {{Cleanup}} Template added.

Not following these guidelines will NOT get your account banned.

General page layout

The page should start with a few sentences about the screamer along with an infobox. Then, if necessary, you may break the article up into different sections. At the end of the page, there should be a "Links" section with a screamer note and an unclickable link.


<!-- ... --> is a comment. They are optional and are used to clarify parts of the source code. Having them is not required when writing an article. This is an example of how the page should look like in the source editor:

<!-- Templates explaining the page -->


Opening paragraph about the screamer

More general detail about the screamer

===More Info if needed===
Things such as "history," "in popular culture," "see also", etc. 

Image1.jpg|About the image
Image2.jpg|About the image

<references />

You only need to add this section if <ref> was used in the article.

<u>NOTE</u>: The following game contains a [[screamer]]!


[[Category:Jeremy Winterrowd]]


Make sure to follow the Associated Press stylebook when it comes to grammar. You're not expected to know everything about it.

Quotation Marks and Quotes

Punctuation always goes inside the quotation marks except when using a colon or semicolon.

  • "Then, a voice reads "Ever been so wide awake? K-fee. Canned caffeine with coffee."
    • "...finally hear the sound signaling the arrival of Christmas day"; the sentence then gets interrupted by the same loud scream used in the other K-fee commercials.

I, You, We

Unless quoting someone, do not use these words.

  • Replace "Once we reach the third level of The Maze, the walls get thin and you reach the screamer at the end..."
    • with "Once the player reaches the third level of The Maze, the walls get thin and the player reaches the screamer at the end..."

The exception to this one is jokes.

Citing Sources

Generally, all information that cannot be gathered from the screamer itself should be cited.

There are no banned websites for citing sources. Just make sure the sources are accurate.

Links (For Real)

Screamer links should ALWAYS be non-clickable. This does not apply to other links in the article, nor censored screamers.
Make sure the link is indented with a bullet point. The description (if needed) should be bolded, and placed before the link itself (which should NOT be bolded). DO NOT link to content that is illegal, such as underage nudity, etc.

  • - Weird 2009 version
    • Weird 2009 Version:

If the link is deleted, make the text strikethrough and note that the link was deleted.

  • Deleted:


Adding humor is encouraged on the wiki, as long as it's sensical, decently funny, and not too offensive. You can find many examples at RationalWiki, The Cutting Room Floor or TVTropes for inspiration.


A screamer should never also be listed as a shock site, and vice versa.

  • Fruit Launcher should just be labeled as a shock site. Not a .gif or website.

Passive and Active Voices

In most cases, you should use the active voice instead of the passive voice.

  • Active Voice: "when the player clicks the red button, a close-up picture of Pazuzu appears"
    • Passive Voice "when the button is clicked by a player, a close-up picture of Pazuzu is shown"


Profanity is allowed on the wiki uncensored. Profane language, however, should only be used in an informative manner and should never be censored.

However, obsessive profanity should be censored.

Racial slurs shall only be used when absolutely necessary to explain the article. An example of this is Last Measure. Racial slurs should never be used in user pages, comments, or on the forums.

Profanity and racial slurs, however, should be always censored if they are on the main page.

Attributing the Creator

The creator of the screamer should always, if possible, be the creator's real name (if one person). If multiple people, the username or name of the company is okay.

  • Mentos + Yakult is a screamer created by Linboyz
    • Mentos + Yakult is a screamer created by Lincoln Lin Junhong (Linboyz)

Hosting Download Links to Files

Files and screamers are best hosted at the in-house If that is not possible, Mediafire, Mega, or any other different hosting service is okay; however, make sure to avoid using Google Drive. External free web hosts (ex. 000webhost ( should be avoided as well as many free hosting providers could easily terminate your website.

Just use to host your files, onii-chan!

Showcase Videos

When making a showcase video, make sure to blur or pixelate the screamer/shocking content itself. The recording should be at the highest resolution possible.

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents is a list of contents that can mostly be found on larger pages like K-fee commercials,, and Luna Game. On said pages, the TOC should not be hidden. Smaller pages with only one or two sections should have {{TOCDefault}} added.


Follow WP:NPOV. All articles should have a neutral point of view. That also applies to the hyperlinks in most cases, do not be linking to Rotten Websites Wiki because you don't like a wiki. That would be like linking to Conservapedia or Liberapedia for George W Bush.

If the page has a Wikipedia page, you should be linking the article itself instead of other wikis without citations.

This, of course does not apply to comments or user pages.


  • Infoboxes make it easy to view surface information about a screamer or shock site.


Self-explanatory. Who made the screamer?

  • Jeremy Winterrowd
  • SkyBlueCat
  • Unknown


What is the type of the screamer? Fill in the type of media that contains the screamer.

  • Bait-and-switch video
  • Website
  • Shock video
  • Commercial
  • Flash game
  • HTML5 game or Browser game
  • Video
  • Comics

Release date

When was the screamer or shock site released? Use MM/DD/YY as your format. You can omit the month, day, and/or year if the exact date is not available.

  • March 15, 2020
  • March 2020
  • 2020


  • Add an image of the contents before/after the screamer. Do not include the actual screamer itself - the image will be removed.


|name = The Maze
|image = The_Maze.jpg
|imagecaption = The third level in The Maze.
|maker = Jeremy Winterrowd
|type = Flash game
|date = October 2004