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:".exe" redirects here, for the subgenre of creepypasta-based horror games, see .exe (Creepypasta)

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On a website, an application typically refers to a software program or tool designed to run within a web browser or on a computer. A well-known example of an application is an executable file, which is a type of computer file that contains a program or application that can be run on a computer or mobile device. It is commonly referred to as an executable application or an .exe file on Windows operating systems. When the executable file is opened, the program is loaded into memory and executed, allowing users to access its features and functions. Executable files are widely used to install software, run games, and perform various tasks on a computer.

Applications can refer not only to standalone software but also to plugins used to expand the compatibility of other software. For instance, Adobe Flash Player is a plugin that enables web browsers to display multimedia content created with Adobe Flash. The .swf file can be downloaded and executed as an standalone application on a computer without requiring a web browser or Flash plugin, as it contains all the necessary code and assets. Additionally, applications can also refer to executable programs specifically designed to load and display screamer content, usually in the form of games or animations. This case also applies to shock sites.

In this context, "applications" refer to software intentionally created to harm or frighten the user. This type of malicious software can take many forms, such as viruses, malware, or screamers. While some screamers may be harmless, others can crash or freeze the user's device or lock their computer screen. These applications are often created with malicious or spooky intentions.