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Regarding readability issues in the Manual of Style

Hello! Sorry if I'm bothering you or anything of that sort, but I couldn't help but notice a lot of grammatical and wording-related issues in the Manual of Style. I simply wanted to suggest having someone clean the article up a little bit, considering it is THE Manual of Style and it's what all users planning to edit articles have to work with.

I wanted to note a few certain issues with the article, so please bear with me:

  • The actual paragraph about readability in its topic manages to score a whopping 22 points on the exact readability test, which is more than twice as much as it should be.
  • The "Uses Correct Templates" part of the article is very clumsily written. Even the heading is wrong in terms of grammar. That part could probably use a rewrite.
  • This isn't in terms of grammar, but I don't really like the example used for humour in the humour related section as it's pretty limited. You could take inspiration from TVTropes or elsewhere. The entire section could also be a bit longer. This is just a nitpick, so it isn't too important.
  • There are a bunch of strange choices in terms of grammar that I'm not really able to list, so I'll simply list all of the sections that have any more minor issues in them: "Passive and Active Voices", "Attributing the Creator", "Showcase Videos", "Infobox" (probably the most major, considering it's an important section).

Sorry for the wall of text, but I thought it was important to note. It just seems counter-intuitive because it frankly looks like the Manual of Style isn't following itself. All due respect to the editors, though.

Cheers! --TimeWarp (talk) 7:21, 4 June 2021 (UTC)

Ok, will unprotect the page. --SkyBlueCat (talk) 06:59, 5 June 2021 (UTC)

About removing my edits in

Eu não estou entendendo. Eu notei que você retirou no que eu acrescentei em I HATE YOU.EXE sobre a versão hack rom que não possui screamer, principalmente o link para o Download. Mas existem artigos screamers que mostra versão "não screamer" abaixo do screamer principal, por que isso?

I do not understand. I noticed that you removed what I added in I HATE YOU.EXE about the hack rom version that doesn't have screamer, especially the download link. But there are screamers articles that show "non screamer" version below the main screamer, why is that? Dragomaniaco (talk) 12:37, 8 June 2021 (UTC)

ROM Version is unofficial. (versions that are not created by the creator himself shouldn't be on the article itself.) --SkyBlueCat (talk) 06:14, 9 June 2021 (UTC)
If it's to remove unofficial screamers, it would also include several YouTube videos that take screamer from other creators or even other sites, steal scenes from other random videos, blatantly making it an original video, just being a copy, like this one which is an SCP-450 screamer. Dragomaniaco (talk) 02:18, 16 June 2021 (UTC)
Personality Scan is to be similar to Scan Analysis, but the article itself is not mentioned in the original, and the screamer segment is not even taken from SCP-450 (expect for the scream), i took the earrape version of the scream from Maignofe's video El Rubi Maldito, regardless, promoting one's unofficial screamers would be removed, like Timetunes secretly promotes his Kfee-type screamer in the K-fee commercials article, it has been around the years until me removes it, if you want an article for ROM version or anything unofficial you can add a subpage for the article (e.g: I HATE YOU.exe/ROM Version), thus fixing the problem in case.
Wow, really here it's been working a lot even in the articles. Sorry for any conflict of mine and thank you for your idea. I've always followed this wiki since Fandom, so I never fall again (at least not by surprise) by any screamer created, whether from games, or from troll videos created, besides revealing every disgusting site that of course I will NEVER join in them. Dragomaniaco (talk) 02:55, 25 June 2021 (UTC)

How come tabs doesn't edit here as much?

Isn't this where he got his start? -User:Wyyzhammer 40k 10:51 6 September 2021

None of your business, fuck off Viril --  Conciërge Kapitein-Commandant Tabs æ 17:04, 6 September 2021 (UTC)


Read This message I left here: --Tankman fan 44 (talk) 15:45, 30 October 2021 (UTC)

What's this supposed to be?


Are you trying to be funny or something? --Tankman fan 44 (talk) 01:57, 6 November 2021 (UTC)

It was for discord emojis. --SkyBlueCat (talk) 02:22, 6 November 2021 (UTC)


You literally reverted my edit for removing clickable links to pages with scary images, why? --Tankman fan 44 (talk) 15:02, 3 December 2021 (UTC)

That would break up the wiki markup. --SkyBlueCat (talk) 02:28, 4 December 2021 (UTC)

Can you do the wiki a favor...

and undelete the GNAA Page. If it was shit I can certainly re write it. Magicat 23:07 27 December 2021 (UTC)

Sorry but no! --Screamer1234 (talk) 04:38, 29 December 2021 (UTC)

Does site have telegram?

Just askin? User:Gigahurtzmadicknballz42088/sig

No. It has a twitter (dead), subreddit (also dead) discord server (kind of alive) and youtube which is dead Not sure if it has anything else. -Pmb1226

Can you do me a favor...

...and add Worst Picture Ever to the Encyclopædia Dramatica Templates? User:IcemanZer0

--Tankman fan 44 (talk) 22:57, 4 February 2022 (UTC)

A couple things

Alright, so I did create this "notice" template a while ago because most wikis have some sort template that gives a little heads up on some articles but ok. The thing that confuses me is that you said I created it for "my own sense of humor". I ask that you elaborate. Also you said I stole it from ED, though it has the same source code from the one on wikipedia. You might as well delete the achtung or all navigation templates (don't actually do that) since the source is from somewhere else. Yes also I responded here because I didn't think you would respond if I edited mine. And can you delete the pornography template? We don't need it. --Pmb1226

The only reason of this conflict is because you shouldn't forced humor in almost all articles of this wiki. Achtung is just there because it's some sort of bland joke. We used the source codes from Wikipedia as a sample. I hope you understand. SkyBlueCat (talk) 18:55, 26 June 2022 (CEST)

Let's speak about "Whoisthebeauty"

Hello dear user, I wanted to talk about the matter of the existence of the shock site "whoisthebeauty". As I see, there's not any proof that proves the disposal of that resource online, and due to the less-suggestive name of it I couldn't found something important than the article described by you on that Wiki, so I realized that I've gotta make some questions about it: In first place, how did you realized that the site existed? where did you found a first impression or mention about it? was it an own discovery?

I started to work about some material-related explorations, and I wanted to help you in this process while I'm trying to do something against any kind of lack of awareness, so stay on the same track to exchange words.

Signed, mr. Hasser --Commander Geisser (talk) 22:04, 5 May 2022 (UTC)