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My Userboxes

Botlol.pngThis user runs a bot account called SkyBot that performs tasks automatically.

This person is a neocities user.

Cb.pngThis user loves Sandbox gamesWikipedia's W.svg to build creativity

This user is an Administrator on the Screamer Wiki.

Web11.pngThis user has a website called

This user has edited over 2500 pages on the Screamer Wiki
Helpiconz.pngThis user helps out newcomers.

This user is a Moderator on the Screamer Wiki.

awk-3This user is an advanced HTML programmer.

en-4This user can contribute with a near-native level of English.

Ghost.pngThis user has joined the Screamer Wiki 4 months and 10 days ago. (07/23/2020)

This user despises FANDOM.

ED logo.pngThis person is also a Encyclopedia Dramatica user

Hey its me SkyBlueCat or you can call me SkyRedux my new name. welcome to my userpage. if you see someone on social media associated with this name, then its not me.



SkyRedux formerly known as SkyBlueCat is a fellow administrator on Screamer Wiki, I joined in mid-2020 and was here since before Screamer Fandom shuts down, the first thing I started in this wiki is to make a few contributions just to get a notice from administrators, during this time, I began to make some Userboxes, Translated Pages and more. I'm now promoted as an administrator, I can now perform administrative tasks such as editing pages with any levels of protection, blocking and unblocking users, deleting, or undeleting pages as well as protecting them. if you see any pages being vandalized by a user or need any help, just shoot me a message so I can respond.


My Wiki-related interests include 8bit-video games and some various games that were hosted on Friv and, and also I'm into making pointless games using a cross-platform game engine called Game Maker Studio 8.1 for fun, but sadly the engine is no longer free I could've practiced more rather than coding my own website using HTML's, but forget that anyway. taking care of various tasks with my bot, SkyBOT. deleting all the necessary stuff on the Category and much more.

Articles i've created