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Nsfwico.pngThis user is mature.

This user is a Comment Moderator on the Screamer Wiki.

Devil.pngThis user page contains a screamer/scary image! View at your own discretion!

Devil.pngThis user loves finding new shock sites

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This user has made screamers before.

Ghost.pngThis user has joined the Screamer Wiki 3 months and 12 days ago. (06/19/2020)

This user has Multiple Accounts

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This user despises Vyond.

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This user is a Miraheze user.

BFwtf.pngThis person doesn't find shock sites unfunny or disgusting.

This user is Filipino

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The User SkyBlueCat Registered on Screamer Wiki on July 23, 2020 and was here before Screamer Fandom Shut down, he start's to make his own First Article for fun, if you want to contact me, add me on Discord SkyBlueCat#7147



  • SkyBlueCat got Promoted to Comment Moderator in September 26, 2020 by a User Lawiki1534
  • SkyBlueCat made his first screamer webpage called Robux.html on September 27, 2020
  • i am shit at making articles

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Anonymous user #1

2 days ago
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wassup. sadly flash games are ending in late 2020. enjoy them while you can. also good thing most coolmathgames are now non-flash


2 days ago
Score 0++
its sad to see everyone favorites gone into dust

Anonymous user #1

2 days ago
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