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Project SCARE is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by a user Tyler1090, who is also behind the Illusion, Bunnies! and Mysterious Scary Dot, it was also his third and the final screamer he ever uploaded on.

The video starts with an intro, then it moves on to a text stating that there is supposed real footage of a ghost taken from a hotel on October 9th, 1990, and was caught on security camera, then it proceeds to show the following footage.

A few moments later, the man's head was decapitated, However, flashing screamers will be displayed in the sequence which is listed here: a monster-like mask, another picture similar to the previous, What's Wrong? face, Regan MacNeil, with the scream (created by the uploader himself) are played throughout its course, After that, a text appears stating that "this video will be fully finished very soon" with an image of Justice from The Maze reaction video.


NOTE: the following video contains multiple screamers!




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