New Level On Roblox The Elevator

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New Level On Roblox The Elevator is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by DiscoverGuy1999 on April 25, 2023. Millions Of Players Are Building On Roblox was also created on this date.

The video starts off in a similar way to the Ghost in the London Dungeon footage. Text on the screen proclaims that the content is entirely authentic and captured by DiscoverGuy1999 at The Elevator. Viewers are encouraged to investigate the footage, as it is alleged to contain a mysterious "hidden" level. The footage then transitions to gameplay of The Elevator (Spring Update) on the popular online gaming platform, Roblox.

Almost immediately after the gameplay begins, the lights in the elevator flicker and go out, plunging the player into darkness. Suddenly, the player falls through the floor and into the abyss below. After a few seconds, the player is inexplicably teleported back to the elevator, where Play It Cool by Terry Zhong plays in the background. The music is muted, perhaps to avoid any issues with copyright infringement. After approximately 48 seconds of gameplay, the elevator doors open to reveal the next level. However, an appearance of the infamous zombie from the K-fee Car commercial appears. This is followed by the text "Now... Go Change Your Shorts And Get Back To Work!" followed by the images of President Obama from Nuclear Bomb Test in the Pacific Ocean.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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