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Graveyard Ghost is a screamer video created by hatonacat, also known as Emby, the creator of Game of Coolness and The Maze of DEATH, uploaded to YouTube on August 6, 2009. It has similarities to Ghost Footage by VenerableDread. The description reads:

“Me and my brother went to my dad's house this weekend. On Saturday, the power went out. It was pretty boring, and pretty hot, so we decided to just do anything... We went out, and around 8 ish, we decided to take a walk through the woods. We arrived in a graveyard, and we were a bit lost, so we set up camp for the night, because we were tired. We heard something outside the tent, so I grabbed my dad's camera and flashlight. My dad is old fashion about some stuff, so his camera is pretty old. I set it up on a tripod, and turned on the flashlight, and to my surprise, I saw a ghost.”

The video begins with "old" footage of a graveyard, it states "If you look at the smaller tree on the right, you will see the ghost, but faintly. He was obviously far away, and the light didn't help. If you look closely, you will see him." it then zooms in, requiring a closer look. After exactly 20 seconds, a picture of Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist appears, along with the same scream as used in The Maze of DEATH appears.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!




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