Find 5 Differences (Scary Pop-Up)

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Not to be confused with Find 5 differences

Find 5 Differences (Scary Pop-Up) is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by user Wactaz on June 15, 2009.

The video tells you to find 5 differences between two pictures, both of them include a drawing of a man sitting on a bench with something in his lap, wearing a cap, with a black tree behind him, with even more trees in the distance. There seems to be a city behind the trees, with the number 2 being above one of the buildings, There's actually just a single difference between the pictures: a twig sticking off the middle branch of the black tree is missing in the right picture. 19 seconds into the video, a picture of Samara Morgan from The Ring appears with the same scream from Sonic.exe, played 3 times.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!




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