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Doomsday Csupo is a screamer video uploaded on March 5, 2012, as an appearance on "More 9K Outtakes: Recent Batch of Rejects", Kyoobur9000 made the original version of the video, the creator also created screamers including MTEvil, My Most Famous Video Celebrates 200K Views, and I Accidentally ВИD.

The starts off with the Klasky Csupo logo appearing on the screen, complete with video effects from Sony Vegas/VEGAS Pro (in the specific order): color-inversion, the hue-shift to about 165 degrees, mirroring horizontally, and the "TV Simulator" effect; as well as a demonic tone to the voices and music. At 14 seconds, an edited BND mask logo from the original BND logo zooms in with the same scream from other G-Major Videos (provided by the author himself). After a few seconds, the screen turns black, and a slowed-down G-Major version of an unknown logo jingle plays quietly.

There's an outtakes version that replaces the face with Jeff the Killer having Smile.jpg's grin (Smile.jeff), with the scream from the K-fee commercials. However, this version of the video remains to be lost.


NOTE: The following videos contains a screamer!

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