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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

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Angel Park Musashi (えんじえるぱーく武蔵) is a Japanese Website screamer created by Sukatoromanko on April 4th, 2013. The website is somewhat similar to Goodbye to the Dolphin's Dream and

The website starts with a main page. If the viewer scroll down which is filled with a GIFs of a flash, distorted, erotic gif animation with Anime characters in it and some messages.

- A GIF of a flash banner with 2 anime girls with blue eyes and hair with the pink text saying "> I wish the number of visitors exceeded 18" - Three insects with anime faces - An image of a bright sky with a message saying: resurrection to death destruction and creation chaos and order Agishayearning for - A GIF of an anime girl with her face distorted an a rainbow paint splattered all over with a message says "Magical facial cumshot! A different dimention of ejaculation feeling!!" - An image of a sky with airplanes with frame and pills and a poem says "My fingers trembles, my heart beats, like early, its strong I'm old enough" - A GIF of a naked figure laying with an anime heads distorting

If the viewer clicks on the door, pictures of eight people will be displayed.


First Picture

It depicts an image of what appears to be a family with mojibake text on the bottom while distorted TV static can be heard.

Second Picture

It depicts an image of men standing in front of a statue, similar in format to the first picture.

Third Picture

It contains a glitching flashing background with three anime creatures shaking while a distorted sound can be heard.

Fourth Picture

It displays a head with its eyes and the background flashing red and blue. Clicking on it leads to a page with several duplicates of the head, which when clicked leads to another page with the same heads covered by flashing red and blue squares. Clicking one of the heads once more leads to several of the same heads with moving eyes and mouths while a loud sound plays. This page automatically redirects back to the first page after a few seconds. When it clicking on a poorly drawn flower leads to a puzzle game with an image of a woman with a distorted face in the landscape background. Clicking on her she will had a black arm with a white square, "き" meaning, "tree, 1st-5th character"

Fifth Picture

It displays a scraped pastel mini paint box. When clicked, it contains a dead insect surrounded by ants in a box while a cicada sound can be heard.

Sixth Picture

It displays a flashing red background with corrupted text and a face without skin. An extremely loud crying sound is heard in the background.

Seventh Picture

It contains pictures of two strange humanoid beings and an arrow connecting them and a question mark below. Clicking the question mark displays another distorted human. The title reads "ふたりの天使を 究極悪魔合体 なのだ", translating to "two angels combined into the ultimate demon".

Eighth Picture

Seven lines of kanji can be seen on this page, which each redirect to different pages. Two of the lines are identical but lead to different sites. They translate into:

  • Mass Suicide
  • The Kouka people are coming.
  • No Repair! No Repair!
  • Bloody Nightmare
  • The field of vision
  • The field of vision
  • Five Whispering People
1st Kanji

It links to a GIF of poorly drawn girl with big eyes on her cheeks as she giggles.

2nd Kanji

It leads to a drawn girl falls into a box cutter with an eerie loud sound. If the girl falls into the box cutter it will send to a 7 lines of Kanji. When clicking the girl it might lead to a poorly drawn, dismembered girl's body with a feeces. Upon clicking other parts it leads to an image of a doll with an eerie effect (with a distorted effect) pops up along with a loud eerie sound. When clicking on a right arm a head of a same girl pops up with a loud eerie anime voice sound. Then clicking on both legs a sound effect is heard. When clicking on a left arm and a body, that leads to a same head of a girl from earlier with a retro background music can be heard. When clicking the girl's head from earlier, the word then says, " Question 2: How many times did you say it? " then leads to a GIF of Kanji words moving and waving as the Japanese woman narrator is heard. Then leads to a main page in the 8th picture from before.

3rd Kanji

The 3rd one links to a 3 audio link has installed with 2 Kanji, the red swirling thing and an eye.

4th Kanji

The 4th one leads to a quiz page. If the viewer gets the incorrect awnser will failed as the black text says, Fail, you are an Innapropriated person. Have a human heart and the viewer will press the blue text says start over with a new heart will be sent to a main page in the 4th Kanji like before.

Question 1:A horse and a cow opened a restaurant. Which one came out on top in the taste competition? Answer: 1. Horse

2nd Question: What is it that Oni is always excited about? Answer: 2. Rice balls

3rd Question: Who are the friends with one entrance and three exits Answer: 3. Clothes

4th Question: What kind of car is that with two "9"s on it? Answer: 2. Ambulance

5th Question: Where does Musashi Province, one of Japan's Ryo system countries,fall under in terms of current place names? Choose the most appropriate one. Answer: 3. Saitama, Tokyo, Kanagawa

6th Question: There is a wrinkle on my face. What was that? Answer: 3. Great ancestors, red skinned people

7th Question: The mysterious image is.. Answer: 2. It's moving

8th Question: Who is this wonderful prince? Answer: 1. Reincarnated gal sone

9th Question: What is the cook's final line? Answer: 1. Enjoy

10th Question: Yamato, or Japan? Answer: 1. Tentenchu

11th Question: An image of a distorted figure smiles in the distorted background Answer: Both answers

88th Question: The image become a GIF and was being distorted and zoomed in. Answer: 2. Din! Sacrifice. (2 times)

It will turn the whole page into flames and the image turn into a GIF of a real life woman with an anime face with x on her mouth eating many carrots

88th Question: How many carrots do you eat? Answer: 1. 6 carrots

89th Question Answer: 2. 12 carrots

90th Question Answer: 1. 24 carrots

As the quiz ends, the black text said, All questions correct You are a good person! ! Good for you.

On the white square bottom between 2 Gokkaku face with black marks as the black text said, The answer to question ④ is 3. As the white and orange stripes background turns into a man's face with a red light on his eyes as the earape sound is heard. The viewer will return to a main page in the 8th picture from before.

5th Kanji

Kanji number 5 leads to an image that appears to be a half naked anime girl with blue Japanese text, 2 hearts with wings and a poorly drawn star scrolling across the screen. Pressing any of the Japanese text will create a pop up with a song. Alot of these songs are loud and distorted.


In the main page the viewer clicked on the image that seems to be a real life woman with anime eyes and a drawn blood on her mouth and a halo with the pink text saying, "Loveliness comes from within me It is said that it is seeping out misunderstanding. .TXT"

An image of a sky with white square and a text saying The misconception is that my loveliness oozes from within me.

The osechi I made last year was still in the fridge. When I opened the lid, I saw that my mother's umbilical cord was inside, and as I was about to throw it away, I met Kimutaku's eyes next to me. She was probably mistaken for the person in question, and a girl who looked like Seiko Matsuda was probably her mistress. Don't be dirty, you're an adult. But unfortunately, they don't look alike anymore, so he doesn't appear in person! yes! I'm sure it's funny lol What's the fun in putting your ruler against your crotch? Let's stop now. As a result, even if you deny it, I'm still alive. Is that really a human being? It's ridiculous that you're feeding your in-laws Oronine. Do you know the concept of human rights, such as the legendary treasure sword and the nest sound? ? On the other hand, there are a lot of dokusare-class people who come here today wearing the wrong shoes. After all, keeping watch until 6 a.m. is bad for your skin and health. Just like the delivery guy doesn't look at me, I just ban people who live in the poor class. Is it my destiny to have the same sensibilities when I look at the comments section of gravure idols? (lol) The earth is crying today as well.

If the viewer clicked on the down right, it will encountered the main page from before with a flashing color background. If the viewer clicks on the door, pictures of eight people from before now with flashing colors.


NOTE: The following website contains lots of screamers, graphic content, and flashing lights!




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