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The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

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1 Monkey 1 Drill is a series of zoosadistic shock videos made by individuals from the "Million Pity" zoosadism "community".

The video is commonly referred to as "DrillRat" by the zoosadists, referring to the baby monkeys as rats. As of September 2022, the individuals that created the videos have been arrested. There is now an investigation by mainstream media into online monkey hate.


The videos were created by a YouTube rabbit hole community known as Million Pity, or MonkeyGate, which is a large group of individuals on YouTube who "hate" baby monkeys. These individuals will openly express their desire to torture and kill baby monkeys and use extreme mental gymnastics to justify their behavior. "They're pests", "I actually love other animals", and "Shouldn't people be worried about X instead!" are common excuses they will use when confronted about their depraved desire to see baby monkeys tortured.[1]

Two Indonesian nationals are responsible for making many of the "Million Pity" videos depicting extreme animal cruelty to baby monkeys in Indonesia. Many of these videos started more tame, on YouTube, but later escalated to more and more extreme torture that was commissioned/paid for and traded through telegram groups and later spammed to 4chan's /gif/, and other boards. A related community, known as "Kids punishment", about real children, not monkeys, exists on YouTube as well.[2]

Although 1 Monkey 1 Drill is just one of many videos created to fulfill the desires of the Million Pity zoosadism community, it is notorious for being the most disturbing.


The original video was spread through telegram groups but later made its way to 4chan, where it is still spammed on the site to this day. 4chan's moderation team has performed various filters and bans to stop the sharing of the video(s), however, the people in this zoosadism community are extremely persistent and the videos are still commonly found on the boards despite the crackdown efforts.

On June 30, 2022, a thread on Kiwi Farms was created by the user named "easy" and those who investigated the individuals in the Million Pity community. As a result of the line, various zoosadists in YouTube comments as well as two of the video producers have been doxxed.[3]


Many details are unclear due to the arrest being recent.[4]


The video starts with a man putting hot sauce in the anus of a female macaque monkey with a spoon while its arms and legs are bound and it's held upside down. The man then puts hot sauce on the animal's eyes while it writhes in pain (putting hot sauce on the genitals and eyes is a common treatment used against child sex slaves in countries like Indonesia according to law enforcement officials.) The monkey then has its hands and feet nailed to a wooden board and is beaten with a wooden stick multiple times. The man then drills into both eyes of the monkey, rendering it blind.

Finally, the man drives the drill into the monkey's ear. The video ends with the monkey bleeding to death.

Other videos

While this is one of the worst of the videos, it is far from the only one. Searching for "Million Pity" on YouTube shows thousands of tame videos showcasing the pain of baby monkeys. On 4chan and other communities, the more extreme videos, like this one, are posted by zoosadists using the term "monkey rekt." Telegram communities for this material still exist as well.


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