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The Screamer Wiki Discord is a server that talks about screamers and shock sites. Please follow the rules listed below when you are on this server, if you break one of those rules you will be banned or kicked out for violating them.

Major Policies

In General

  • Make sure to always follow Discord's community guidelines.
  • Do not post, request, upload, or discuss anything that violates United States law. Those that do will be permanently banned and possibly reported to law enforcement.
  • Have an appropriate profile (including username and picture). If you have explicit and offensive content in your profile will get you banned.
  • Speak in English and be Mature.
  • You must be at least 13 (14-16 in certain areas) to join the server (this is Discord's policy, not ours). Those that are found to be under 13 will be banned and reported to Discord.
    • You must be 18 years or older to browse the NSFW channels.
  • Do not insult, harass, or bully any users on this server, users violating this rule will be warned and banned if they choose to ignore the warning.
    • If other users are being rude towards you, avoid insulting them in return and report them to an admin.
    • Ignore trolls, as giving them attention will only fuel their attempts to bug you.
  • Do not evade any ban.
  • Do not start begging Angeleno or Screamer1234 to be promoted. For the information, check the role channel.
  • Do not post dox, death threats, or other actions that could endanger someone.
    • Do not call for raids. We are not your army.
  • Try to avoid having arguments on this server and causing drama. Starting or contributing to drama will result in at least a timeout or a permanent ban (depending on the severity).
  • Profanity is allowed on the official server uncensored. Profane language, however, should only be used in an informative manner and should never be censored.
  • No racism/antisemitism/abelism/or any -phobia (ironically or unironically). If you use slurs, you will be automatically muted. Continuing will get you banned.
    • Do not intentionally evade word filters or post-filters.
    • Do note that some words that do not appear to be wrong may be filtered as well. This is due to certain nicknames (including "Benderban01" and "SuperNicholas2005") and many more being severely blacklisted on November 2020 due to the risk of further glorification of harassment and violence. (see #17.)
  • No politics/religious debates. Those that do get overly political will be directed to the right site.
  • As mentioned in #2, The promotion of pedophilia and zoosadism, even as an edgy joke, is not allowed.
  • Avoid discussion of sexual/erotic topics with a person under 18.
    • If you are under 18, avoid discussing these topics yourself.
  • Avoid posting scary images or clickable links to screamers outside of #screams-sharing, #nsfw, or #shock-sites. It may be permitted in some instances, but it should generally not be posted outside of these channels.
  • The glorification or memes of violence (including suicide of any sort, mass shootings, etc.) is forbidden and will result in a timeout or a permanent ban (This violates Discord's policy too).


  • Your stuff must be posted in the appropriate channels before posting them.
  • You are permitted to post a meme in #general, but post in #memes if you plan to dump memes.
  • Discuss shock sites on the #shock-sites channel.
    • You may discuss shock sites in non-age-restricted channels too, but if you're going in-depth, then go to #shock-sites.
  • This server is for all ages despite the age-restricted channels.
  • You must be 18 years or older to browse the age-restricted channels. The channels will not show up for you if you are under 18, so do not lie about your age when signing up for an account. (See Discord's community guidelines)
  • In NSFW channels, do not post, discuss, upload, request, or link to anything that is illegal in the United States (This follows Discord's community guidelines).
  • Do not dump pornography or fetish content on NSFW channels.
    • The posting of any gore or guro is not allowed at all.


  • Do not ping the Administrators on the server unless you want to discuss something important or need help.
  • Don't ping people when they have the "@Don't Ping" role, as it can disturb people.
  • No pinging @everyone unless it's important.


If you were banned from Discord, you might be able to appeal by messaging an Administrator or Bureaucrat.