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BFDIA Very Hot Screamer is a screamer made by Neandro 64 Channel on November 15th, 2022. The video gathered over 7000 views after being uploaded.

As the title suggests, it is an animation of an object show named "BFDIA" which was in the format of the meme "It Burns".[1] The "BitPlayBost" can also be seen it the animation (due to the creator of the reupload using a free version). Lyrics of the animation goes as the following:

My racha food is very good

But the Indian cook miss understood

It burns burns burns

Indian curry is so ho.o.ot

It burns burns burns

Burns like fire oh my go.o.od

It burns burns burns

I drink and drink but it wont sto.o.op

It burns burns burns

In my mouth and tomorrow in my butt.

After this animation, it would show the K-fee auto commercial, but Jeff the Killer replaces the screamer.



NOTE: The following animation contains a Screamer!




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