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  • ... that the first video containing a "screamer" was a 1971 anti-heroin Public Service Announcment called Monkey on Their Backs?
  • ... that you can still play Liquid Generation's Sabotages using the Wayback Machine?
  • ... that Jaybill has a framed copy of The New York Times' article about his iconic screamer in his bedroom?
  • ... that despite the phenomena existing, there is no scientific term for the fear of being jumpscared?
  • ... that the creator of Agor.io faced legal actions from a parent whose 9-year-old had an epileptic seizure after mistyping agor instead of agar?
  • ... that it took less than three days to capture the killers behind the Zippocat incident?
  • ... that you can view French translations for some pages here or in the Deletion Logs if you search far enough?
  • ... that Luka Magnotta recorded himself drowning his own cat in his bathtub?
  • ... that the original un-photoshopped image of Jeff The Killer has yet to be found?
  • ... that Say It was assumed to be the first lyric video and the first to feature Regan MacNeil's possessed state on it?
  • ... that Reddit user Polarbur admitted to (originally) hosting the 2 Girls 1 Cup website on r/AMA?
  • ... that Steady Hand also has a weird english version?
  • ... that the picture used for the screamer in What's Wrong With This Picture? was taken by photographer Gandee Vasan and was later used and edited for the cover of the 2001 film Maniacts?