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  • ... that you can still play Liquid Generation's Sabotages using the Wayback Machine?
  • ... that the What's Wrong? face is the oldest screamer face and the most used along with Regan MacNeil?
  • ... that you can suggest hooks in Did you know?'s talk page?
  • ... that there are two Easter Eggs in the source of this page?
  • ... that the original What's Wrong With This Picture? was entirely different than the famous clone hosted at TeKZoned?
  • ... that you can view French translations for some wiki pages here or in the Deletion Logs if you search far enough?
  • ... that the creator of Kekma.net responded to us?
  • ... that Snuff R73 may have a sequel which is unable to be found?
  • ... that our main page hasn't changed much more than usual?
  • ... despite the phenomena existing, there is no scientific term for the fear of receiving a screamer link?
  • ... that the first screamer reaction video, which has What's Wrong With This Picture? as the topic, was recorded in February 2002?
  • ... that Luka Magnotta recorded himself drowning his own cat to death in his bathtub?
  • ... that the creator of Klerck.org committed suicide in his boyfriend's apartment?
  • ... that Mysterious Scary Dot is the oldest "Stare at the dot" video on YouTube?
  • ... that a Reddit user Polarbur admitted to (originally) hosting 2 Girls 1 Cup website at r/AMA?