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TeKZoned is a website first registered in October 2000, and is one of the earliest flash animations and game hosting websites.

The site contains multiple animations, gifs, and even games, which rarely contain any screamers. They are known for hosting Where's Waldo?, What's Wrong?, Say It and many more.

History and origin

The site was first registered as Tekzone.net on November 29, 1999, by the same creator who later launched the original TeKZoned website. This early version of the site hosted links to video games and other content. In October 2000, the website was registered under the domain Tekzoned.com and became a pioneer in hosting flash animation and games. TeKZoned features a wide variety of content, including animations, gifs, and games, with popular titles such as Where's Waldo?, What's Wrong?, and Say It. The first animation hosted on TeKZoned was "Insanity Test", with flash games and animations being added shortly after. The site eventually began to offer different types of screamers, including "Mystery Room," which proved to be popular among users. In October 2002, the screamer Where's Waldo? was added to the site, featuring an image of Pazuzu accompanied by a loud scream. This version became the most popular screamer on the site, with a modified version featuring a face from Maniacts being hosted on Winterrowd.com.

On January 20, 2008, a user named free2ballin from Bangladesh uploaded a video titled "Scary Barney" as an entry for TeKZoned. The video features Barney the dinosaur singing the ending song "I Love You" with extremely low volume. After 20 seconds, a picture of a female zombie appears, accompanied by a loud scream.


NOTE: The following website contains a lot of screamers!

  • tekzoned.com



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