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Screamer Video Montage is one of the earliest screamer reaction videos that is actually a screamer itself uploaded to YouTube made by Chris Jones on April 12nd, 2006.  

The video is a montage that consists of 4 videos of people getting scared by screamers, with the Benny Hill Theme playing in the background, however, after the last reaction, the screamer faces from What's Wrong? and Jingle Bells Reversed pop up continuously repeated in a flashing way along with a loud scream. 

All Reactions

  • Reaction #1 - The first video shows two children playing Zoeken. A man, probably their father, is seen pushing their faces closer to the screen before the screamer pops up, which causes the kids to run out of the room in a panic.
  • Reaction #2 - The second one is an video about a bearded man with shoulder-length hair getting scared by Jingle Bells Reversed and falling out of his chair.
  • Reaction #3 - The third one is a clip from the infamous home video where a little boy plays the Scary Maze Game and gets so scared that he starts hitting the screen with both hands, and then later runs away and cries, which is not shown in this excerpt.
  • Reaction #4 - The fourth and final video features a man with headphones playing an unidentified screamer (possibly the Scary Maze game, but it's hard to see) and jumping up in his chair so high that he ends up hitting the table with his foot, accidentally knocking over some plastic cups, and falling over, while his friend laughs at him. The part of him jumping is shown again in slow-motion, right before the video's actual screamer finally pops up.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer with flashing lights!




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