Scary (DOS Trojan)

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This page is about a screamer of which the original copy was deleted.

a snapshot of Danooct1 showcasing the trojan.
Maker: acount134
Type: Application
Release date: 2011

Scary is a scary Trojan application written for DOS computers by YouTube user acount134.

The original creator has sent their virus to a YouTube user Danooct1, who is a person who showcases viruses, the trojan contains a screamer, When opened, an illustration of a half-dead woman from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark shows up on the screen. When doing so, the virus silently wipes the hard drive, causing the computer to stop booting. It does not apply to computers which are not MS-DOS devices or MS-DOS Sub-Systems, there is no download link.

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NOTE: The following video contains a scary image!


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