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This page is about a screamer or shock site of which the original copy was deleted.

Not to be confused with Scary (DOS Trojan)

Scary is a screamer video made by YouTuber superbowserlogan (now known as SML) on September 6, 2010.

The video starts with a blue screen and a door, after a few seconds, it later zooms in to the door and the cameraman opens it, the door leads to a blue light followed by the heart beating noises, However, after a short second, the video suddenly cuts into Precious the Cat (Logan's former cat) along with the same scream from K-fee commercials (but also high-pitched), a creepy sinister voice whispers "K-fee..." from the same commercial, then it moves into an end portion with a text: "subscribe" stays on the screen.


NOTE: This following video contains a screamer!

  • Deleted:
  • Reuploaded:



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