Nightmares Fear Factory Secrets Revealed

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Nightmares Fear Factory Secrets Revealed is a screamer video uploaded to Youtube by Nightmares Fear Factory disguising itself as a home video sent to them by a visitor to their Niagara haunted attraction.

The video starts off with the creator and walking down an empty street with two other people until they reach the Nightmares Fear Factory. When they arrive, the person holding the camera says they do not want to do it but his friend tells him not to be a wuss as they enter the attraction. After they enter, the cashier asks the creator to shut off the camera. He complies but turns it on right after and films the entry door for a few minutes as the creator argues with the people around him who should go in first. After a few seconds, the creator opens a door and walks into a dark room and focuses the camera on a red dot on the wall asking the others if they heard something and to listen. Suddenly, a man wearing a black shirt, a backwards facing baseball hat jumps in front of the camera with and a with a loud thud and echoing scream before suddenly dropping out of the frame. Once he is out of the frame, an advertisement for the attraction appears stating that over 100,000 people have chickened out at the attraction and encourages viewers to visit them this season to see why.

The video ends with the white text written "IT'S THAT SCARY!!" with the link putted.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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