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YouTube is a social media and video streaming platform owned by Google. It allows users to upload their own videos.

As long as YouTube videos follow the Community Guidelines, there is no limit to what may be posted.


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The platform has had a significant impact on internet culture and has become an important medium for education, entertainment, and communication. It has also provided a platform for individuals to showcase their talents, and has led to the emergence of numerous YouTube celebrities and content creators, some of whom have become household names. Additionally, YouTube has become a major advertising platform, with businesses and organizations using the site to reach their target audiences. YouTube's content ranges from short clips and music videos to full-length movies and documentaries. Users can browse and search for videos based on keywords, and can also subscribe to channels to receive updates when new content is uploaded. YouTube also allows users to comment on videos, create playlists, and share videos with others through social media and other platforms.

One of the key features of YouTube is its algorithm, which uses machine learning to recommend videos to users based on their viewing history, search history, and other data points. This has led to concerns about the role of YouTube in shaping public opinion and potentially promoting harmful or extremist content. YouTube has taken steps to address these concerns, such as implementing policies to remove content that violates its community guidelines and reducing the spread of misinformation. Overall, YouTube has become a dominant force in online media and culture, and its influence shows no signs of slowing down. With the continued growth of video as a medium and the increasing popularity of online content, YouTube is likely to remain a significant player in the digital landscape for years to come.

Associated with screamers

The screenshot of Kikia screamer on YouTube.

YouTube has a history of being associated with screamers, which are pranks that involve a sudden and loud noise or image designed to startle or scare the viewer. While not all content on YouTube is related to screamers, the site has been used as a platform for sharing and promoting this type of content. One of the earliest examples of a screamer on YouTube was the "Kikia" video, which was uploaded in 2006 and quickly went viral. The video started off as a seemingly innocent animation of a stick figure walking through a forest, but halfway through, a terrifying face appeared on the screen accompanied by a loud scream. This video was widely shared and inspired many copycats, leading to a surge in the popularity of screamers on YouTube. In addition to standalone screamer videos, screamers have also been included in otherwise innocent videos as a form of trolling or prank. For example, a popular prank involved posting a video that appeared to be a walkthrough for a video game, but would suddenly cut to a screamer at a key moment, startling the viewer. This type of content was often shared on 4chan and other internet forums, and became a common form of online trolling. While screamers have been a controversial part of YouTube's history, the site has taken steps to crack down on this type of content. In 2010, YouTube updated its terms of service to prohibit videos that are "deceptive, misleading, or that promote violence or hate speech." This policy has been enforced through the use of automated systems that scan videos for inappropriate content, as well as a team of human moderators who review flagged videos. Despite these efforts, screamers and other types of disturbing content continue to be shared on YouTube. The site remains a popular platform for anonymous sharing and discussion of various types of media, including screamers and other controversial content.

Because of the ease of making a YouTube video, they are the most common type of screamers.

Reaction videos

Main Article: Reaction videos

Screamer reaction videos on YouTube refer to a genre of videos where individuals record their reactions to watching a screamer or jumpscare video. These videos often involve the viewer being instructed to focus on a particular image or video, only for a sudden and loud noise or scary image to appear, causing the viewer to jump or scream in surprise. The popularity of these videos on YouTube can be traced back to the early days of the platform, when screamers were a popular form of online prank. As the popularity of screamers grew, individuals began to record their reactions to these videos and upload them to YouTube. These videos quickly gained traction on the platform, with viewers often finding the reactions of the person watching the screamer to be just as entertaining as the screamer itself. The popularity of these videos eventually led to the creation of dedicated YouTube channels and communities focused solely on screamer reaction videos. While screamer reaction videos can be entertaining for some, they can also be triggering for others who may be sensitive to sudden loud noises or scary images. As a result, YouTube has implemented policies to regulate the upload and distribution of screamer and jumpscare videos on its platform. Videos containing these elements are often age-restricted and require a warning or disclaimer at the beginning of the video to alert viewers to their content.




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