My Doll is Possessed!!

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My Doll is Possessed!! is the very first YouTube screamer uploaded by Emby, published in August 6th, 2009. The video's description reads:

"A creepy doll that I got when I was little somehow became possessed!! Somehow it wound up outside, I noticed it when I was playing with my friends out there the other day. For whatever reason, it's body's missing... If you look closely, the doll is trying to tell us a secret message."

The video starts with an image of a doll, as described in the description/title, and then zooms in slowly. After about 10 seconds, a picture of a man with a deformed baby-like face and one eye with no pupil appears, along with the same scream from The Maze of DEATH. The screen fades into black, followed by the scream fading out.


NOTE: the following video contains a screamer!




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