Mensagem subliminar no jogo Super Mario World

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Mensagem subliminar no jogo Super Mario World (Subliminal message in Super Mario World game) is a Brazilian screamer video published to YouTube by UchihaSasukeFDP on April 10, 2009.

This video is 0:28 long. The song played in this video is Van Halen - Right Now. The video starts with a blue screen written "Mensagem Subliminar nos games infantis" (Subliminal message in children's games) and below "MOSTREM ESTE VÍDEO PARA SEUS FILHOS" (SHOW THIS VIDEO TO YOUR CHILDREN). A white screen written "Game Super Mario World (SNES)" is shown, followed by a screenshot of the game. Then, appears the white screen written "Viu?" (Did you see?) and the text changes to "Vou mostrar novamente..." (I'll show you again...). At 0:26, the image of Regan MacNeil appears on the screen, accompanied by the same scream from the zombie from K-fee commercials.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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