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Maker: Unknown
Type: Website
Release date: 2012 is a viral screamer website. It has been spread by lots of blogs and humor sites as a meme themed version of the the famous social network Facebook.

When accessing the site, the site presents a blank page, and a text that reads "Memebook" along with the "Me Gusta" meme, followed by a loading bar, However, the fake loading bar is applied to trick the user thinking the bar was being progressed, After a few seconds, a flashing picture of a zombie lady along with the same scream from Jingle Bells Reversed.

Then shows a troll face with a text stating: "'Problem CC?'" followed by a message that reads: "Moderador: no te guardes el susto, acepta la vineta y ayudanos a trollear a todos XD" (Translated to: "Moderator: do not be scared, accept the vine and help us to troll everyone XD").

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NOTE: The following website contains a screamer with flashing lights!

  • Showcase video:

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