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This page is about a screamer or shock site of which the original copy was deleted.

Google.html is a screamer subpage created by Ryan Jardine, with a very similar concept to Scary Yahoo Prank. The site only contains a flash animation that pretends to be a homepage of Google with a screamer embedded.

The site is an old Google Search homepage from 2007, with all the buttons and everything except for one part where the player cannot do anything but search anything on the search bar, if the user types something onto the search bar and clicks on: "Google Search" or "I'm Feeling Lucky", the page will start shaking, and shortly after, a flashing picture of Regan MacNeil appears along with the same scream from Anne.jpg. The screamer will loop indefinitely unless the user refreshes the page. The website was closed for an unknown reason.

Showcase Video


NOTE: The following website contains a screamer with flashing lights!




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