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Farewell Screamer Fandom. 2013-2019

Goodbye Screamer Wiki is a video created by Jackson101306. The video starts with Jackson101306 explaining to the viewer that the Screamer Wiki is gone (and is now located at Then, text incorrectly explains that Screamer123 (NicholasTheVideoMaker2005) is the owner of the wiki (It was actually AnimatorXP). The video then shows some footage of the Screamer Fandom with sad music. At the end of the video, “RIP Screamer Wiki” is shown, as well as Jackson101306 writing that he wants to show the viewer one more thing, with that one more thing being many G-Major screamers.


NOTE: The following video contain screamers!




10 months ago
Score 1++
More article without lack of creativity! A Screamer who says he cites the site 's woeful end of Fandom, ending with a loud scream scream at the end, just a YouTuber wanting to seize it here to advertise his channel.
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