Gangnam Style Demon

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Gangnam Style Demon is a screamer video created by Aaron Freeman on July 28th, 2016.

Nothing happens until 0:07 where Aaron Freeman comes in doing the Gangnam Style dance, but then at 0:10 the same screamer that would later be used in BILLIE EILISH PARODY pops up with a roar. After the screamer text with royalty-free music appears saying "Now Go Change Your Shorts and... GET BACK TO WORK!" as a homage to the K-fee commercial then "And When You Get Home Tonight, Listen To LET IT GO On Repeat" then "I Bid You Good Day. Or Night. Or Whenever/Where-ever You're Watching This". Then an eye opening with a male gasp appears. Then it transitions to the same eye now in the center of a flashing rainbow color scheme inside of an iPhone. Then text saying "An Eye for an iPhone" appears. Then it fades out and the video ends.

There's also a reaction video by Hunter's World Gaming.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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