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😂BILLIE EILISH PARODY😂 is a video created by internet comedian Tony Zaret in which Billie Eilish goes to Burger King.

The first minute of the video consists of Tony explaining that this is a parody video, and that he wasn't actually Billie Eilish. The main content of the video starts with a jumpscare timer counting down from 30 seconds. As this is happening, Billie Eilish orders a hamburger, but gets sick because the staff forgot to cook the burger. Billie tries to open the bathroom door, but it is locked.

It is around this time that the jumpscare timer reaches zero, and it is revealed that Big Chungus (a fat version of Bugs Bunny) was the one in the bathroom. (Big Chungus in the bathroom was the fake jumpscare.) Big Chungus then proceeds to sing "Big Chungus Ooh Na Na," a parody of "Havana" by Camila.

After Big Chungus finishes singing and says "Chungus" a few times in an unusually deep voice, the real jumpscare, a pinkish-gray ghoul with large horns and beady red eyes, comes in from the right side of the screen, growls, and then swats at the camera.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!




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