Gabriel Plays the Screamers

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"Warning: Do not play the screamers!"
The video’s description

Gabriel Plays the Screamers is a screamer video by the YouTube user gabrielmcginty1999 on November 22, 2008, it contains 2 screamers, and the video itself looks way similar to Scaring My Little Bro.

The video, as the title implies, is a reaction of Gabriel to multiple screamers. It starts off with a red screen with text on it that reads “Gabriel Plays the Screamers”. He reacts to the following screamers, mostly from, with the only exceptions being the K-fee Car commercial and Steady Hand. Finally, it moves on to a non-existent screamer called “Scary Toy Story”.

The video then backfires with Gabriel screaming at the camera, followed by Regan MacNeil but with heavy metal music playing. At this point, Gabriel apologizes to the viewer, and the credits roll, which consists of text reading "a film by Gabriel", the same screamer appears again with the same heavy metal music.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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