Derived Puzzle

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Derived Puzzle
The black power button.
Maker: SkyBlueCat
Type: Website
Release date: January 3rd, 2021

Derived Puzzle formerly Azazel is a screamer webpage created and hosted by a user SkyBlueCat This is his first time making a puzzle website.

When accessing the site, resulting in an entirely blank page, only saving it up for some text stating "click the button to continue", and a button, after clicking the button, will lead to another subpage called "11111111.html", showing a blank page, with 3 hyperlinks to choose, the player has given an instruction to choose the links, and 2 of them will lead to a screamer.

Content[edit | edit source]

When clicking the first button, the content of the page only shows a text stating "There is nothing here, Go back..........", making the player return back to the start menu, but there is a clue hidden, when scrolling down, there is a text stating "Oh. you found a secret, I will tell you a clue, the word "nothing" is clickable.", if the player follows what the text says, at which point leads to Anne.jpg site.

In the second button, the player is told immediately to stare at the png image depicting a drawn Japanese Bedroom, the image came from Tokonoma.html on, if the player scrolls bottom of the page, will show a black power button, which leads to a text congratulating the player.

in the third button, the site consisting of a skull and a text above it requesting the player to click it, when clicked, the site automatically downloads a .swf file named "Mov0001.swf".

Link[edit | edit source]

WARNING: the following website contains a screamer with flashing lights!


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