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Derived Puzzle formerly Azazel is a screamer webpage created and hosted by a user SkyBlueCat. Upon accessing, the text "Click the button to continue" appears, clicking the text continues the "game". From here, 3 hyperlinks are displayed, two of them will lead to a screamer.

On the first link, a text would appear above, reading: "There is nothing here, Go back.........", though hovering the word "Nothing" in the text is clickable, and it would lead to the original "Anne.jpg", the clue of it is hidden underneath, On The Second link, it contains the words above the image of a Japanese Bedroom (from Lomando's Tokonoma.html), reading: "Watch this room..... to relax....", the player would encounter a black power button from scrolling down, the button would redirect to the following text: "Congratulations!, thank you for visiting my website, Have a good day, bye....", On the Third link, it has a huge skull with a text encouraging the player to "click the skull", at which point it would download Mov0001.swf, a screamer .swf file.


WARNING: The following website contains a screamer with flashing lights!




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