ABCs of Metal - D - DEATH - "Symbolic" (REACTION!!)

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ABCs of Metal - [D] - DEATH - "Symbolic" (REACTION!!) is a metal reaction video uploaded by YouTube user Alex Hefner on Jan 4, 2021. The video itself isn't inherently a screamer, but it contains a screamer in it.

The video is a normal Alex Hefner video for the most part. After he reads a summary of the song he's reacting to and how it's about the loss of innocence, he goes on a brief tangent about that topic. Then, at some point in the first two minutes, at 1:20, he says "Scary stuff, man." and the video then abruptly cuts to the screamer from Coyote Attack Video before the video continues as normal.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!




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