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The Halloween

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The Halloween is a point-and-click screamer game developed by Thai graphic artist Sinthai Boonmaitree in 2010. It is an extra for The House series, and this is the final game that was supplemented.


The game has similar mechanics to the series, where the player must examine the objects to interact with, which sometimes activates either a new object or a screamer. There is a pumpkin standing on a drawer, a light visible on the wall, and a bookshelf lying down. When the player turns off the light switch, the pumpkin will glow, exposing its Jack-o-Lantern face.

After a while, a paper will appear under the bookshelf, with some text written on it and a picture of a man (possibly the creator himself) stuck below. A gunshot is visible on the left window once hovered, with blood flowing over it. A ghostly woman will then appear, followed by a man's face flashing on the screen. Despite not having been replaced, the note will change into a QR code, which has not yet been solved.

After that, the pumpkin is replaced with a baby's head, and the same ghost figure will begin to flash. However, the light switch will brake, causing the screen to turn pitch black. After a brief moment of suspense, the light will come back on, and later, a baby's face will appear, followed by some screen shaking.


NOTE: The following game contains screamers!




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