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This article contains spoilers!

The House was a screamer point-to-click game created by Sinthai Boonmaitree and uploaded to his SINTHAI studio website in 2005. A sequel called The House 2 was released later.

In the game, the player must examine objects in a room several times. Events normally consist of a jump scare or the appearance of a new object to interact with. Throughout each room, the player's heartbeat will increase to indicate progress in the game, eventually leading to the climactic jump-scare until they are allowed to leave.

Rooms and Hints

Dining Room

The game starts in the Dining Room, with only a framed drawing of a happy family and a window through an open door visible. When a ball falls from the ceiling and lands, it makes the sound of a child laughing. A boy is eventually seen running through the doorway, and the glass on the image breaks, leaving a hole around the boy's head. Before fading away, a ghostly apparition of a headless child is seen sitting on the windowsill. The ball explodes in a splatter of blood, and the boy's eyeless severed head falls from the ceiling.


A thunderstorm rages outside as the player enters the bathroom, with flashes of lightning streaming through the glass. There is a working toilet and a mysterious bottle of medicine on the floor that states: "Take Twice Daily" and is labeled Poison. There is a note visible on the sink cabinet that reads:  "Happy birthday mom! I know you are suffering from an illness. But we're sure you will be fine soon. Love you."

Despite not having been moved or replaced, the note would later read something new, reading: "I love you too kids. I will not leave you. I promise. I promise."  A woman's silhouette will appear outside the window and will rarely appear in severe lightning flashes, and after that, The bathtub and toilet will then likely fill with blood and the cabinet note will be blank. Finally, a woman, likely the mother, appears from the bath water, her long black hair covering her face, until a hand slaps the screen and slides out of view.

The Kitchen

The player walks into a soiled kitchen with only a pair of stacked containers, a toy doll, and a calendar visible on the wall. When touched, the porcelain doll sways back and forth on a string from a shelf support. The calendar says Friday, March 5th, with the words "Cancer Treatment" written above it. A faint series of screams begin to echo throughout the room, along with a repeating dripping sound.

A woman bends her head from behind an open doorway to look at the player before vanishing, supposedly the daughter herself, A woman's silhouette will shift across the wall, while a student ID card will fall from the ceiling and land on a container. Shortly after it touches the floor, the daughter bursts from the ceiling hanging on some rope, swaying side to side.

The Living Room

The player enters a decrepit and desolate living room, with only a portrait and a radio visible. When the player turns on the radio, several songs start playing until the radio cuts out. The man's eyes shift briefly as he looks again at the portrait. The portrait would fall from the wall and land on its side, exposing a hollowed void in the wall behind it. A note can be found in the space labeled: "Please accept my apologies and bid me farewell, honey. I'm so fortunate to be your wife. I will really love you "The player can find a pistol in the open space and arm themselves until a ghostly apparition of a man in a white coat passes by. The portrait's eyes will fill with blood, which will then flow from his eyes and mouth. The player would shoot the gun and strike the portrait in the head, splattering blood on the background, the man is supposedly the father.

The Corridor

The player walks into the corridor and activates the light with a nearby light switch. They'll come across a final note on the floor that reads: "I'm sorry to God for what I have done. I love my family, so I kill my family. It's the only thing I can do to stay together with them FOREVER!"

From the window on the right, a shadow will move through the wall, and blood will spill from the light switch, causing the electricity to flicker. A single drop of blood falls from the roof, lands on the paper, and then flows down. The spirit of a woman will appear in front of the player and slowly approach them, with the sun immediately going out and the room darkening, When it is turned back on, the ghost appears directly in front of the player, her hair falling in her face. She cries and her hair splits open, exposing blood streaming from her mouth and eyeless sockets and screams at the player, The game then ends, and the consequences are unclear.

The game then ends with one last note reading "This is not a true story; all photos, messages, and story have been made up just for assumption. There is no intent to respect, discredit, or violate any person at all." along with the Sinthai logo and copyright at the very bottom.



NOTE: the following game contains multiple screamers!




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