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The House was a screamer point-to-click game created by Sinthai Boonmaitree and uploaded to his SINTHAI studio website in 2005. A sequel called The House 2 was released later.

In the game, the player must examine objects in a room several times. Events normally consist of a jump scare or the appearance of a new object to interact with. Throughout each room, the player's heartbeat will increase to indicate progress in the game, eventually leading to the climactic jump-scare until they are allowed to leave.

Rooms and Hints

Dining Room

The game begins in the Dining Room, an enclosed space with a framed drawing of a family and a window through an open door. Suddenly, a ball falls from the ceiling, and the player hears the sound of a child laughing. A boy runs through the doorway, and the glass on the image breaks, leaving a hole around the boy's head. Before fading away, a ghostly apparition of a headless child is seen sitting on the windowsill. The ball explodes in a splatter of blood, and the boy's eyeless severed head falls from the ceiling.


The Bathroom from "The House" featuring a silhouette of the mother.

Upon entering the bathroom, the player is met with the sound of a thunderstorm outside, accompanied by flashes of lightning that illuminate the room through the windowpane. Within the bathroom, there is a functioning toilet and a mysterious bottle labeled "Poison," complete with instructions to consume twice daily. Additionally, a message located on the sink cabinet congratulates the mother on her birthday and encourages her to remain strong despite her illness. Strangely, the message later alters to read "I love you too kids. I will not leave you. I promise. I promise." As the storm intensifies, a woman's silhouette becomes visible outside the window during severe lightning flashes. Furthermore, the bathtub and toilet begin to fill with water, and the message on the cabinet becomes blank. Suddenly, a woman emerges from the bathwater, with long black hair covering her face. The scene concludes with a hand slapping the screen and disappearing from view.

The Kitchen

Upon entering the kitchen, the player is confronted with an unsettling sight. The room appears to be in mess, with only a pair of stacked containers, a porcelain doll dangling from a string, and a calendar hanging on the wall visible to the eye. The calendar shows the date "Friday, March 5th," with the words "Cancer Treatment" written above it. Distant screams and a dripping noise can be heard reverberating throughout the room. An apparition of a woman's head emerges from an open doorway before vanishing abruptly, possibly that of the daughter. The silhouette of a woman moves across the wall, and a student ID card falls from the ceiling, landing on one of the containers. Without warning, the daughter falls from the ceiling, suspended by a rope and swaying from side to side.

The Living Room

Upon entering the living room, the player is met with a somber and dilapidated environment, with only a portrait and a radio in sight. The player interacts with the radio, which plays several songs before abruptly ceasing. As the player investigates the portrait, they notice a brief movement in the man's eyes. The portrait then falls to the ground, revealing an empty space behind it. The player discovers a heartfelt note inside, written by a wife bidding farewell to her beloved husband. Upon further investigation, the player finds a pistol and prepares themselves. Suddenly, a ghostly figure of a man in a white coat passes by, sending chills down the player's spine. The portrait's eyes begin to emit an eerie glow, which then flows from the eyes and mouth. The player instinctively shoots the portrait, causing blood to splatter on the background. It is later revealed that the man in the portrait was the father.

The Corridor

The final level the player will be brought to is one in which they will encounter the spirit of a woman.

As the player walks down the dimly lit corridor, they reach out to flick on the nearby light switch. The sudden illumination reveals a final note lying on the floor. The message is chilling: "I'm sorry to God for what I have done. I love my family, so I killed my family. It's the only way we can stay together FOREVER!" As the player reads the note, a shadowy figure moves through the wall and causes the electricity to flicker. A single drop of water falls from the ceiling, landing on the paper and trickling down. Suddenly, the spirit of a woman appears before the player, slowly approaching them as the room darkens. When the lights come back on, the ghost is standing directly in front of the player, her hair falling in her face. She cries out, and her hair splits open, revealing streams of blood pouring from her mouth and eyeless sockets. The player is left stunned as the game abruptly ends, leaving the consequences unclear. However, it's important to note that this is not a true story. All photos, messages, and the story itself have been created solely for entertainment purposes. The Sinthai logo and copyright are displayed at the bottom of the screen.



NOTE: the following game contains multiple screamers!




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