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The House 2 is a horror flash game created by a Thai Graphic artist: Sinthai Boonmaitree, and published on his site: "", As the title implies that this game is a sequel to "The House" and the basis for the Alrena Roushe's Facebook Profile page, the games contains several jumpscares can be considered screamers.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

in both games, has the player explores an old abandoned house and discovers the fate of the former residents. The text at the beginning of the game reads "The legend has is that there is a house in a small town that has been closed and left empty for decades. The house belonged to a wealthy family. But then, one day, all family members father, mother, daughter, and the maid, committed suicide. From that time, the neighbors have closed the house for good as they believe that the house where all family committed suicide is a curse. Some said that they have heard a women's screaming voice from that house. Yet no one dares to enter that house... are you?"

As the players progress through the house, they collect notes that reveal the family's fate. The mother and father gave birth to a child, Alrena Roushe, but the child had an incurable disease. Instead of letting Alrena suffer later in life, the parents poisoned her and hid her body in a safe. Later, the parents decided to adopt a new child, Nicole A. Matty, as a way of replacing Alrena. But Alrena's vengeful spirit still resided in the house, The parents, racked with guilt and driven mad over what they had done to their daughter, murdered Nicole and the maid then both committed suicide (the father in the shower, the mother in the working room). At the end of the game, it can be assumed that the player is killed by Alrena's vengeful spirit after she is released from the safe.

Rooms and Hints[edit | edit source]

Room 0[edit | edit source]

There are no jumpscares on the outside of the house. Simply click to zoom in and click the wooden boards to remove them and click again to to enter the house.

Living Room[edit | edit source]

Click on the light switch, picture frame, and notes on the sofa and floor to progress. The major scares in this room are the picture frame after the blood drips onto it (the picture pops up with a scare chord) and the maid appearing on the sofa (you must click the sofa note twice after it changes to "she's not-").

Bathroom[edit | edit source]

In this room, click on the shower curtain, toilet, bible, and sink to proceed. You'll know you're making progress when the sink fills with blood and a note appears. The major scare in this scene occurs when the silhouette of a hanging body appears in the shower. Clicking the curtain again shows the body from the legs down. When the body disappears, "FORGIVE ME" appears in bloody writing all over the walls. After a short pause, the shape of a blurry man appears along with a scare chord. The game progresses, The game starts with the player, going into the abandoned house, which no one dared to step a foot inside. Once inside, the player finds himself in the living room of the house. A picture of the family with their daughter, a note, and a broken switch is enabled for the player. The ghost of the maid, weeping and moaning, appears several times, leaving a note and changing the journal pages on the couch. "Daughter's year of birth" is written on the note she leaves at the 2nd she's seen.

Nicole's Bedroom[edit | edit source]

In Nicole's bedroom, click on the music box, teddy bear, adoption certificate (on the wall), and picture (poking out of the drawer) to proceed. It should be noted that Nicole's spirit will appear several times as you progress the level; sat on the floor, her shadow standing in the window, and darting across the screen. At the end of the level. Nicole's spirit will flash in front of the screen, both close up and in mid-shot, but will disappear and the loading screen will appear. However, this loading screen is to lull you into a false sense of security, as Nicole will suddenly appear in front of you with a bloodied face and twisted smile, and a scream plays.

The third room is called the bedroom, which is the room of the adopted child of the couple, Nicole N. Matty. A music box, Nicole's teddy bear on her bed (the bed's middle part is covered with blood), her adoption certificate, and by the middle of the room's gameplay, a picture of her parents, herself, and her dead sister, Alrena, is enabled for the player to observe. Again, by the middle of the gameplay, three notes appear on the wall and the player has to read them to move on to the next room. "She comes every night. She loves playing hide and seek. She's very good at it, I never find her.". These notes and the picture implies that Nicole's aware of Arlene's existence and that she appears every night. Nicole appears cuddled up next to her bed afterward, and a few seconds later, a bloody text appears on the wall reading, "Play with me." Then the room is completed when Nicole appears on the screen.

Working Room[edit | edit source]

In this room, click the light switch, the poison bottle, the registration of birth (this may be hard to spot in the back of the room), and the rope to proceed. There are two major scares in this room. The first is the mother's body being yanked up into the room, after clicking the rope enough times. Note that in order to proceed, the light must be switched off to retrieve the key from the mother's body. To complete the level, click the note under the bed until the body disappears and the note changes to a photo of Alrena as a baby (this is the profile photo on Alrena Roushe's Facebook Profile). The second major scare comes after you click on the baby photo and a pair of ghostly hands snatch it away. The final level then begins.

Safe Room[edit | edit source]

In the game's final room, the only element that can be interacted with is safe. The player's task is to figure out the combination to the safe to open it. Using the notes found over the course of the game ("daughter's year of birth", the birth certificate etc.), the player can open the safe using the combination of 1-9-4-7, the year of Alrena's birth. The safe opens and a note, written from Alrena to her mother, can be found. After reading the note, a young girl with long black hair, similar to a Japanese yurei, crawls out of the safe and seemingly disappears. After a few moments, Alrena slowly rises in front of the screen, gnarled, bloody hands covering her face. After a few more moments of tension, Alrena drops her hands and screams, revealing a twisted face and black eyes. The game then ends.

Special Room[edit | edit source]

Once players finish the game they can receive a key to the Special Room. This room is in fact a screen of text that summarizes the story of the game. However, after a few seconds, Alrena suddenly flashes in front of them with a screech. This is considered to be the scariest moment of the game as it is unexpected.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sinthai has also developed a spin-off game, The Halloween Set in a dark garage, it follows the same point-and-click style of the The House games, complete with its own set of jumpscares. It is available to play along with Sinthai's other games on his website.

Link[edit | edit source]

NOTE: The following game contains a lot of screamers.


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