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The halloween.JPG
The Halloween Special
Maker: Sinthai Boonmaitree(Published on
Type: Point And Click Horror Game
Release date: October 3, 2010

TheHalloween is a point-and-click horror game developed by Thai graphic artist Sinthai Boonmaitree, and published on his website,, the game contain several jumpscares that can be considered screamers


Upon starting the game, the gameplay will automatically start where the player uses a cursor to click or examine any items are in the room, clicking them sometimes in order to trigger events, Events consist a screamer or a new item sometimes will appear as the screamer triggers, the player spawns in the dark room displays a pumpkin standing on the drawer, light switch on the wall, and the bookshelf laying on the ground, the light switch are only clickable, if you click on it the pumpkin will glow to Jack-o-Lanterns face, if you leave it for seconds, a piece of paper will appear on the bookshelf on the ground showing a picture of a man(possibly the creator himself), and a caption text says "October 3, 2010(release date)", if you click on the picture 2 or 3 times, a gunshot will appear on the window followed by a blood coming out of it for some reason, Third event will happen if you click on the light switch for 4th time, a woman will appear with a loud noise playing and the room goes dark after the third event happened, the pumpkin changed to a baby's head(can be recognized on Alrena Roushe's Facebook Profile), The Fourth Event will happen if the clicks the light switch rapidly, a flashing ghost shadow will appear behind on the baby, if you click it repeatedly the room goes dark again for a second and later goes back by itself, after a few seconds, baby's head will appears with a loud noise playing, after the screamer ends, the game tells the viewer to visit their Social media pages, unlike other horror games, there is no scream audio playing or any story behind it.



NOTE: The following game contains lots of screamers!


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