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The halloween.JPG
Maker: Sinthai Boonmaitree
Type: Flash game
Release date: October 3, 2010

TheHalloween is a point-and-click horror game developed by Thai graphic artist Sinthai Boonmaitree on 2010.

The animation leads the player to click stuff on the room, they have to examine any items are in the room, clicking them sometimes in order to trigger events, events can consist a screamer or a new item will appear, the room consist of a pumpkin on a drawer laying on the ground with a pumpkin standing on it, bookshelf, the light switch on the wall, if the player clicks it, a pumpkin itself glows to a Jack-o-Lanterns face, After a short time, the player must click the switch to turn on the light again,

And now, the paper appears on the bookshelf, the paper shows nothing but a picture of a man and a context describing Halloween, there is a date signature on the upper right corner, possibly the release date of the game itself, When the player clicks on the window, a gunshot appears, followed by blood coming out of it, if the player clicks on the light switch again, leads to a woman face to appear along with a loud noises,

turning on the light switch, the pumpkin was later replaced with a baby's head, turning off the light switch rapidly, causing the ghost to flashes for a few second, but when they click it multiple times, the light switch broke on its own, and now the player was shown with darkness, the light comes back again, However, a baby's head appears along with a loud scream.

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NOTE: The following game contains screamers!


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