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The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

2 Girls 1 Cracker is a shock site and shock video created in early 2008 by the same creators of the The video was one of the most popular on the shocksitelist, it generated some video reactions at the time, generating a wide variety of opinions on whether it was one of the most disgusting videos on the internet, surpassing even 2 Girls 1 Cup. The video is very similar to 2 Girls 1 Cup, this is because it is also produced by MFX Media and directed by Marco Fiorito, as well as starring the same actresses: Latifa and Karla.

Unlike other shock videos made by MFX Media like the aforementioned 2 Girls 1 Cup, 8 Girls No Cup, 4 Girls 6 Nostrils and 4 Girls Fingerpaint, it is impossible to find the short version of the video, which was only uploaded on the ShockSiteList since there is no record that it has been uploaded to another site before or after being uploaded here. This is because the page was deleted and when trying to recover it through the Wayback Machine, the flash file would not play since it was not encoded well. The video has been lost along with the site since ShockSiteList shut down in 2016, though it's still possible to find the entire movie.

Origin and Content.

The origin dates back to 2006 in a film named "Breakfast Is A Special Meal" under the production code "MFX 897". The hour-long movie begins with Karla and Latifa having breakfast, followed by Karla defecating on Latifa's mouth and her body. Latifa begins to eat it and smear it all over her body and later they take some small cookies and begin to smear all the feces on them to eat them.

Throughout the movie they do the same thing, eating and smearing the feces on their bodies until they eat the rest of their breakfast consisting of chopped fruit. They vomit the entire breakfast into their mouths and bodies, eating the vomit again and ending up with them lying down and kissing on a completely wet and brown floor, full of feces and vomit.

In the lost and short version that was hosted on, the video was about a minute long and there are 2 versions of what was seen in the video.

First Posible Version: It was a trailer for the movie "Breakfast Is A Special Meal" in which you could see how they ate crackers with feces and defecated and vomited on each other, while the song Love Me Tender by The Jordanaires and Elvis Presley sounds like background.

Second Posible Version: In this version, the scene where they eat the crackers is covered in feces, with small transitions and cuts to avoid the video being so long since the whole cookie scene lasts about 4 minutes. In this version, in the same way, the same song plays in the background.


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