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For other similar screamers, see What's Wrong With This Picture? (disambiguation).

What's wrong with this picture? - Don't watch if easily scared is a screamer video uploaded on July 10, 2009, by Amanda Odenlid (known as rutgerhauerfan).

The video starts with a message saying that Amanda thinks there's something strange in a conveniently old-looking image; however, she can't find it and needs your help, It then shows a picture of a simple merry-go-round in sepia tone, that appears and disappears with a moving effect. After that, the video says to have a closer look, and the picture shows two times, moving more slowly. After 8 seconds, the picture starts to fade out, and the video asks if the viewer has seen it, displaying the image a third time without any sort of movement effects.

The video asks a final time to look closer and concentrate, and the merry-go-round picture shows again, now closed into its upper-left section (implying Amanda knows the secret by now), and at 1:25, an almost black and white photo of bloody Mary in the mirror appears, with the same scream from The Maze playing twice. Unlike other What's Wrong screamers, there is something wrong with the image; there is some sort of hanging ghost girl in the background if you look closely at the picture before the screamer comes, she is located near the chairs with the round table.

This screamer is so famous that it was used as an example in a wikiHow article called How to recognize an internet screamer and is one of the most famous screamers to circulate the internet.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • youtube.com/watch?v=qmPypcPIsWc
  • Permalink: bit.ly/374y5a1



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