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With a new domain name and our independence from FANDOM, I believe we should start wikifying the Screamer Wiki. There are many ways mentioned in the Manual of Style but many people don't know about it or apply it because of the fact that:
Not following these guidelines will NOT get your account banned.

Where's the lamb sauce? (Sources)

Do not merge the sources/references with the links!

There might be a case where the reference source lies directly in the screamer link, lets say there is creation date, information and history about the screamer on a video description.
The good thing to do will be citing the information this way

'''''' is a [[screamer]] website from the US created on June 19th, 1978<ref>[https://whois.tabbygarf.kitty/], A whois inspection of the website's domain.</ref><ref>[archive.tabbygarf.kitty/],Oldest archive of the website corresponding with the date.</ref>

The website starts off with the following text saying: "The footage you are about to see is very scary. Look very closely and you will see a mysterious ghostly figure. There is no scientific explanation to this date. I shat my pants lol.". Then a picture of [[Pazuzu McRapperson]] with the scream from What's Unusual? appears after the ten second mark. The screamer is said to be recorded in the Paris Catacombs <ref>[], The screamer's description.</ref>

== References ==

<references />
== Links ==
<u>NOTE</u>:These links contain a screamer
* archive.tabbygarf.kitty/

Cite sources on creepypasta articles

For the love of Garfield, please reference the creepypasta the video is based off.
I've seen recently (at the time of writing this (June 18th, 2020) that articles about videos which are based off creepypastas popped up.
e.g. : Squidward's Suicide, Max and Ruby 0004 and Suicide Mouse (in that case the article is better than the original suicide mouse article).

If you feel necessary to archive the creepypasta, please do it under your user page. (User:Example/Archive/Creepypasta:THE DAY OF ALL THE BLOOD)


Archive the screamers!

It is always a good thing to archive screamers. What if we couldn't have archived the Liquid Generation Sabotages?
With flash games dying at the 31st of December 2020, it might be wise port them to HTML5 or record a gameplay of these screamers. A lot of sabotages still haven't been recorded in good quality. Now might be the time to start archiving them.

However, that does not mean you should remove the link to the flash site (example The Maze, we havent deleted the link even though an HTML5 version exists and '' is basically dead. If such an HTML5 version doesnt exist. Link a YouTube video showcasing the screamer. Both uncensored and censored version should be made.
Screamers may be dying, but the history shouldn't die with them.

Archive the websites!

You should ALWAYS archive a website. With the existence of short-life screamer websites, archiving existing screamers should be done. You can use the Wayback Machine for this. If its a software like Last Measure, you must archive its source code using Pastebin by precising it is for archival purposes with a link redirecting to the Screamer Wiki and the page it is linked to.


Make the captcha/question when every time when creating/editing a page appear for non AllPageAccess users. Make the answers related to screamers even if the current question might be a kid-proof wall. When one asks for the answer, just redirect them to a wiki page. The questions can be for example:

  • Who created "The Maze"? Jeremy Winterrowd or Winterrowd
  • What company made the "Ghost Car" advertisement? K-fee or Kfee
  • What are called Liquid Generation's pranks? Sabotages or Sabotage


These criteria might be hard to follow knowing many children use the Screamer Wiki as a platform to advertise their effortless videos with a sloppy article, I'm looking at you Logo Makers. You might mention that I take the wiki too seriously, and maybe, maybe you're right. Humor is indeed accepted in the wiki articles BUT there is nothing more serious than keeping a part of the Internet's history, screamers were and still are commonly used as a bait n' switch format and losing that would be sad.
Please contribute to the wiki with a bit of a more serious matter.

Gladly yours,
TabbyGarf (talk) 18:02, 18 June 2020 (UTC)